Application for a subsidised PhotoVoice training place

PhotoVoice has tried its very best to keep prices for our services and training as low as possible. We have been charging the same for supporter schemes, training places, and consultancy since 2019, but like many individuals and organisations, we’re feeling the pinch of increases to our bills and overheads too. Very reluctantly, we’re having to increase our prices a little bit as of the 15th of July 2022.

However, we’ve tried to minimise the impact of this as much as possible, and have introduced some new opportunities. One of which is we are launching a new opportunity for eligible people to apply to our lottery to attend one of our training courses for free.

Eligibility criteria:

  • An individual with income lower than £19 000 per year if a UK resident and low household income outside the UK
  • A recipient of benefits or financial support
  • Self-funded full-time student (not a recipient of a scholarship or financial support for their studies)
  • A representative of a small organisation or community group with expected turnover lower than £50 000 a year

If you meet one or more of our eligibility criteria please use the application form below in order to apply.

Selection process
Applicants will be considered eligible on the basis of meeting one or more of the above criteria, which also need to be supported by a compelling personal statement, describing how the eligibility criteria is met in more details and why we should award them a free place.

Those selected for a free place will be put on a lottery list and 2 weeks prior to the start of each training course, providing there are available places, a name will be drawn. The awarded individual will be notified a week before the course is due to commence.

How often places will become available
Places note that once your application is approved, free places will be made available based on last minute availability on our courses and you will be notified that you are awarded a free place a week before the start of the training.

Submission of this application form does not guarantee acceptance onto a course. We expect that demand will be higher than available spaces, and it will not be possible to accommodate all requests.

If you have any questions about the application process please contact us.

Application Form for a Free PhotoVoice Training Space