Case Studies and Project Design Activity

Case Studies and Project Design Activity

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    • Thilo Kroll

      May 27, 2021, 2:19 pm

      This is a made-up example

      Project Design

      To increase the psychological and physical safety of women who are homeless

      – To enable women who are homeless to represent their experiences through photography and digital storytelling, and to develop insights, self-confidence, self-awareness
      – To give ‘voice’ to women to express concerns about physical and psychological safety and vulnerabilities while exploring and sharing ideas with their peers about what would enhance safety.

      – 6 weekly workshops for 8 women who are homeless, using participatory photography to explore psychological and physical safety issues and safeguarding measures
      – 3 focus groups with a wider group of women who are homeless about the themes arising from the photography work in relation to physical and psychological safety.
      – A public exhibition to showcase the photography work to a wide group of stakeholders (service providers, policymakers, wider public)
      – A photography book (some printed; some digital/pdf)

    • Kate Spelman

      May 27, 2021, 4:20 pm

      To develop the communication and advocacy skills of older LGBT+ adults, and to provide them with a fun and social activity.

      To teach older LGBT+ adults to use digital cameras to capture their own experiences.
      To create a peer network of older adults offering one another social support.
      To engaged LGBT+ older adults in advocacy on behalf of themselves and thier communities.
      To create a library of photographs which can be used in advocacy projects, by participants and their allies, to better the lives of LGBT+ older adults in Illinois.

      A series of workshops (I’m really not sure of the # or length – I would like participant input on this!) for LGBT+ older adults
      A celebratory exhibition or event featuring the photographs and stories created in the workshop
      An online gallery to house these photographs and a forum for dialogue about the lived experiences of LGBT+ older adults in Illinois
      A brief to Illinois lawmakers in support of action on behalf of the older adults in our LGBT+ community

    • Niamh O'Callaghan

      May 27, 2021, 7:39 pm

      To capture the meaning of nutrition for Irish Cancer Survivors who are post cancer treatment, using a method of participatory photography known as photovoice.


      1. To enable Irish Cancer Survivors to share their relationship and perspectives on their diet and nutrition since finishing treatment through participatory photography.

      2. To promote dialogue and knowledge through a library of photographs of the strengths and concerns cancer survivors have with nutrition.

      3. To contribute research to an emerging body of regional research on nutrition in Irish Cancer Survivors.

      4. To create an exhibition with the participants to raise awareness of their meaning of nutrition and spark a dialogue among stakeholders.


      1. Initially, two workshops for 8 participants, introductions, familiarizing the group with participatory photography, creating a safe place, exercises in visual literacy, treasure hunt and giving out project task.

      2. Semi-structed individual interviews with each participant to check how the participants were progressing with the phot assignment and answer any questions they had. During the interview, participants will be asked to share approximately five photographs which best represent the meaning of nutrition. In reviewing the photos, the SHOWED technique will be used to elicit analysis and reflect upon possible action, as follows: “What is Shown in this picture? What is Happening in the picture? How does this relate to Our/Your lives? Does concern or strength Exist? What can we Do about it?”

      3. In the third group workshop, participants will be presented with group photos, which had been discussed during the interviews. Each participant will then present a selection of their photos to the wider group for general discussion. The shortlisted photographs will be clustered into similar groupings and participants will be asked to describe potential themes represented by these clusters. The exhibition will be discussed among the groups with ideas on how the group would like to showcase the work.

      4. A public exhibition to showcase the photography work produced and provide a wider audience with direct insight into the meaning of nutrition for the participants.

    • Tiffani Luethke

      May 27, 2021, 8:23 pm

      Project Aim:
      To reduce recidivism among individuals following release from prison by providing the tools to share their experiences with others and by developing new skills through participatory photography.

      1. To reduce recidivism among prisoners
      2. To provide tools for sharing one’s story with others
      3. To develop skills that may provide a creative outlet and/or transferable work skills
      4. To improve public awareness of individual experiences following release from prison

      1. A series of workshops for individuals to develop participatory photography skills (number and length undetermined)
      2. Individual interviews/debriefings about the experiences of participatory photography and/or focus groups (number and length undetermined)
      3. Scholarly conference presentations and/or publications
      4. Art exhibits, featuring the photography of participants

      —> Provide examples of 4 outputs for your project (1 sentence each)

    • Candice Salyers

      May 27, 2021, 9:37 pm

      Aim: To give women living in Armenia the opportunity to acknowledge their perspectives on their lives, to help them develop photography skills, and to increase their sense of community with each other

      -To empower women to share their perspectives on their own lives both within and outside of their homes
      -To help women develop skills in photography that they can continue to apply to hobby and potential work situations after the workshop has concluded
      -To reduce a sense of isolation among women and to provide a safe space for creative and social activity
      -To make more time and space for honoring women’s perspectives within the larger community

      -6 workshops, offered over the span of 3 weeks (therefore 2 workshops per week)
      -a public exhibition allowing the participants’ work to be seen, acknowledged, and held in a place of honor
      -a post-workshop meeting of participants interested in developing on-going support network
      -a post-exhibition community event educating about violence against women

    • Kelly Walsh

      May 28, 2021, 9:58 am

      Aim (fictional project)
      To improve engagement with youth provision in area x.

      • To develop an improved understanding of the needs of young people in area x.
      • To understand barriers to engaging with provision and how these may be experienced differently by different groups of young people
      • To improve the suitability of activities provided for young people in area x.
      • To engage groups of young people who were previously underrepresented among youth provision participants.

      • 4 weekly workshops with 8 young people to develop photography skills and to use photography to explore areas of need, their relationship (or lack of) with youth provision, and their interests. This would be co-facilitated with a youth worker
      • A public exhibition and celebration event
      • Briefing and recommendations paper (or short video) for youth organisations
      • Briefing and recommendations paper (or short video) for funders and policy makers

    • Emma Winslet

      May 28, 2021, 1:13 pm


      To empower participants through photography, fostering a sense of community and togetherness in Plymouth – with the aim of assisting in a small way with their ongoing recovery.


      – Giving participants new skills in photography, building confidence and informing future workplace opportunities
      – To provide a sense of stability, and confidence through creativity
      – Gaining new peers, who have been through similar experiences, with the aim of making them feel at home and settled in Plymouth.


      – 3 x sets of 6 weekly workshops in creative approaches to photography / participatory photography workshops
      – certificates of achievement at the end, that they will be able to include on their CV’s
      – A public exhibition, but with the opening evening closed – only participants and their friends/ family/ those who work at the center. Warm celebration event
      – A photography zine, which will be available to all participants and family, and available for purchase by the public – with proceeds going back into the community.

      – Social impact reports to be kept on top of, will ask a peer mentor to make notes in sessions. Very conscious of getting a good report to inform any future funding.

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