Terms & Conditions

Training Terms and Conditions:

Course Places

Courses will contain a maximum of twelve (12) participants for the in-person training and ten (10) for the online training. PhotoVoice restricts attendees from the same organisation to a maximum of three to ensure that the curriculum can address multiple perspectives and project ideas.


PhotoVoice reserves the right to cancel courses and change workshop dates at any time without liability; in this event you can transfer your booking to another date or receive a full refund of the fee paid. PhotoVoice cannot refund any travel or accommodation expenses.

If you have to cancel your place but have found someone to replace you, no cancellation fees will be charged.

If you wish to transfer to another date no charge will apply up to 4 weeks prior to that date. For transfer made within 4 weeks of the date there will be an additional fee of 25% payable.  Please note: if you transfer your place to a subsequent date, you cannot receive a refund if you cancel the new date.

The following charges will apply if you wish to cancel :

  • More than 4 weeks prior to the event – 25%
  • 4 -2 weeks prior to the event – 50%
  • 2 weeks – 100%
  • Non attendance on the day – 100%


Payment should be made in advance using our online booking system. The payee contact details will be used to create an account with PhotoVoice which will enable access to course content and online materials. This cannot be transferred to another person unless the booking has been made on behalf of a third party, in which case a new account will be set up in that person’s name.

In instances where multiple courses have been booked, individual accounts will be required to access the online content. This will be arranged by PhotoVoice in advance of the course.

It is not possible to pay for course places via invoice unless in exceptional circumstances and with specific permission given.

Supporter Scheme

By becoming a PhotoVoice supporter, course attendees are entitled to a discount, as well as access to online resources for a period of 12 months, which can be extended manually. These discounts are automatically applied to training places when Supporters are signed in. They are non-transferable. Supporter scheme enrolment is for individuals and students only, with proof of eligibility required. Institutions cannot access these discounts, with only standard places available to organisations and institutions. Discounted course places cannot be paid by institutions or organisations.

Uploading materials

In some instances, materials uploaded to the PhotoVoice Connect system will be made available to others on the course (such as during photo sharing sessions). All copyright for content remains with the individual training attendee. No materials will be shared by PhotoVoice without the written permission of the individual. Content uploaded to PhotoVoice Connect which specifically relates to the course (including images, captions, and comments) will remain available for a period of six months after the course has been completed, after which point they will be deleted, and it will not be possible to retrieve it.

Online engagement

PhotoVoice Connect offers message forums which are not course specific. These are linked to individual accounts, and available to all supporters and course attendees logged into the PhotoVoice Connect system. Content posted here will not be deleted after a six month period, though individuals will have control over deleting their own posts and uploaded content.

Online resources

PhotoVoice supporters receive access to online materials for the duration of their enrolment on the PhotoVoice supporter scheme. These materials are available as PDFs. These materials are the copyright of PhotoVoice and should not be shared or transferred, and are for personal use only. Some materials contain digital watermarks or other restrictions to ensure that they are not transferred beyond the individual authorised to receive them.

Copyright and intellectual property

All course content remains the property of PhotoVoice, and cannot be shared without express permission. The course provides information which enables practitioners to run their own activity using participatory photography. However, the materials shared by PhotoVoice should not be used in these activities without written permission, and are provided for the attendees of the course only.

Credit and attribution

By completing the course, attendees are not entitled to describe themselves as PhotoVoice facilitators, and any projects or activities which result from the workshops are the responsibility of the individual organisations and facilitators running them. PhotoVoice cannot be held responsible for any activities which take place by those attending the course.

Projects and activities cannot be described as PhotoVoice projects, as PhotoVoice is protected by trademark. We encourage organisations and individuals to describe their activities as involving participatory photography.

Individuals who have completed the course are free to state that they have completed a training course in participatory photography delivered by PhotoVoice. Certificates will be issued to attendees who successfully complete all the modules of the training course.

PhotoVoice’s training courses are designed to support individuals or organisations wishing to deliver a project or activity using participatory photography, or to understand more about the methodology. By signing up to these terms and conditions, attendees are confirming that they will not set up or engage with activities which directly act in competition with PhotoVoice, either as an individual, as part of an organisation either in existence or intended to be established. As PhotoVoice works worldwide, this is not limited by operating outside of the UK.

By booking on to the course, you agree to these terms and conditions, and agree to abide by them, regardless of whether any institutional policies or practices may have different terms and conditions.